YLab: Empower Healthcare with Artificial Intelligence

YLab is an interdisciplinary research group at Zhejiang University, led by Prof. Jie Yang, our group members come from various disciplines such as computer science, medicine, public health, pharmaceutical sciences, and linguistics. Our interests focus on artificial intelligence in healthcare/public health and natural language processing. Specifically, we are interested in:

  • Disease early-detection/diagnosis/treatment prediction using electronic health records and other clinical data sources;
  • Big data analysis on healthcare-related data (e.g. artificial intelligence, telemedicine, social media).
  • Natural language processing (e.g. deep learning, pre-trained language models).

We have developed several popular NLP tools (including NCRF++, LatticeLSTM and YEDDA), which attracted more than 4000 stars at GitHub.

We have built closed collaboration relationships with top-tier institutes, including Harvard University, University of Oxford, National University of Singapore, Brigham and Women’s Hospital.



Prof. Yang will serve as an Area Chair (AC) at COLING 2022 and EMNLP 2022.


Position openings: 2 postdocs and 2 research assistants of AI in Healthcare, email me!


Prof. Yang was elected as an Editorial Board Member of International Journal of Medical Informatics!


Two paper accepted at JAMA Network Open.


Prof. Yang will serve as an Area Chair (AC) at EMNLP 2021!

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