(* means equal contribution. # represents corresponding/senior author. For a full list of publications, please go to Google Scholar)


Clinical Text Datasets for Medical Artificial Intelligence and Large Language Models: A Systematic Review
Jiageng Wu, Xiaocong Liu, Minghui Li, Wanxin Li, Zichang Su, Garay Lucas, Zhiyun Zhang, Yujie Zhang, Qingcheng Zeng, Jie Shen, Changzheng Yuan#, Jie Yang#
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Uncovering Language Disparity of ChatGPT on Retinal Vascular Disease Classification: Cross-Sectional Study.
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GreenPLM: Cross-lingual pre-trained language models conversion with (almost) no cost
Qingcheng Zeng, Lucas Garay, Peilin Zhou, Dading Chong, Yining Hua, Jiageng Wu, Yikang Pan, Han Zhou, Jie Yang#
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Efficacy of WeChat-Based Smoking Cessation Intervention (‘WeChat WeQuit’Program) in China: A Randomised Controlled Trial
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Qingcheng Zeng, Dading Chong, Peiling Zhou, Jie Yang#
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Assessing the Prognostic Significance of Tumor-Infiltrating Lymphocytes in Patients With Melanoma Using Pathologic Features Identified by Natural Language Processing.
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Yue Zhang*, Jie Yang*.
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Jie Yang , Yue Zhang.
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Before 2016

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